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Equipment Check in/out

Tool Check-out Procedure:

There is an assortment of tools for checkout at the Student Shop. Most tools can be checked out with only a permit and permit number (see "Prohibitions" for exeptions). Equipment can be checked out for up to 3 business days. They may be renewed once for another 3 day period.

Tool Check-in Procedure:

Anytime an individual returns a single tool or all the tools checked out they must make sure the returned item(s) get crossed off their list by the shop staff. If all the items are returned it is that individual's responsibility to take the slip when leaving. If the slip is forgotten shop staff will assume the items on the slip have not been returned and will be the individual's responsibility at the end of 3 days.

If an individual does not return their checked out items within 3 business days they will be notified via email that the items need to be returned. If tools are returned broken or damaged or if tools are not returned at all, the person who checked out the tools will be charged for their replacement cost.

If the tools are not returned/renewed or the replacment cost paid within a week, that individual may have their shop privileges suspended and a hold put on their grades/records until the items are returned or the replacement cost is paid.

Key Card Checkout/Check-in Procedure:

Keycards for the welding lab and paint booth can be checked out for up to 3 business days. A shop permit is required and a tool checkout slip must be filled out. The card number should be used in place of the tool number. The individual who checked out the card will be held responsible for the condition of the space.


Tool Checkout Forms

White Form: For checking out tools only.

Yellow Form: For checking out tools while using a lathe or mill.

Blue Form: For checking out tools while using a lathe or mill in room B1088.

Required Information: